Bunk Beds - Advantage And Disadvantages Of Bunk Beds

Published: 17th December 2009
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Bunk Beds are one of the great ways to make the best use of your kids bedroom space. Kids absolutely love bunk beds, there are different types of bunk beds, they are so much fun and parents love the fact because they save space and allow them to put more than one kid in one bedroom. Although having bunk beds for kids is one of the good things you can get for your kids but there are some of the safety factors of having a bunk bed. The childrens bunk beds have to be made sure if used improperly or set up improperly, your kids can hurt themselves. You have to make sure that your childrens bunk beds are fully secured and rightly placed, once your kids bunk beds set up right they will bring years of safe fun for your kids who will love their bunk beds for both sleeping as well as playing.

When you are looking for beds for kids, bunk beds are one of the great options. Your kids will enjoy and love their bunk beds due to some of the reasons as they can have lot of fun by hanging a sheet from top of their bunk bed to the bottom and visualising it to be a house in which they can play. For parents their childrens bunk beds also provide some of the advantages like they can able to fit 2 kids in one room and make the best use of the space in their kids bedrooms. Bunk beds take less space than the single bed allowing your kid getting more space to play and sleep rather than making your kids sleep in a room which has less space due to double bed or single bed.
There are some of things that should be taken into the consideration about your kids bunk beds that the top bunk bed have the safety rail, its secure and its all around the top bunk bed or on the open sides. It can be quite dangerous for kids therefore parents have to be confident and see that there are no gapes between the top of the mattress and bottom of the rail because kids can fall through the gaps of bunk beds.

The top bunk bed safety rail have to be high, it should be minimum 10 inches high above the top of the mattress. The safety rail which is 3-5 inches high is not good enough which can cause accidents, other option is to go for the double safety rail which will be great and safer. There are different types of children bunk beds available i.e. futon bunk bed, metal bunk bed, triple bunk beds, white bunk beds, wooden bunk beds, pine bunk beds, bunk bed desk, double bunk bed etc.

The mattresses for bunks beds are available in different colours, design and patterns, parents have to make sure that mattress fits the bunk bed by getting the right size so that it dont leave any gap for the kids to fall. Also remember not to get a bunk bed whose corner post sticks out of it own, as its very likely for kids to hold their clothing on anything that sticks out and chances to fall off, hanging from the post.

When you are about to purchase bunk bed, you should never go for the bunk beds which have loose board for the mattress to sit on for the top bund bed. You can also find bunk beds which can be separated easily and put together to have loose boards that are set in place for the mattress to relax on. But there are disadvantages of them if there is a kid underneath who pushes and move the board then it may so happen that the mattress and the above board can fall on the kid. Therefore its better that you should go online and look for the safety of the bunk bed you are planning to buy for your kids. This way you and your kids will be delighted and happy to have bunks like futon bunk bed at home.

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